We asked NOMIS youth participants, “What does NOMIS mean to you?” They shared their thoughts and experiences. Here are their stories.

Shaka Williams

Mentor, 25 years old 

“I started coming to the gym because I needed help with my depression, my obesity, and an outlet from school. It’s a great experience for me.”

Mercer Jackson

14 years old, 8th grade

“I love it here. The coaches have a lot of experience. I’m training my body in ways I’ve never done before.”

Damien Matthews

16 years old, 11th grade

“I like the fundamentals (of boxing). It helps me get my body in shape.”

Hard Won Trust for Our Youth

The youth who participate in the NOMIS Youth Network have learned to trust the facility and the coaches. This trust is hard won and not taken lightly by the adults. Youth have grown to see the facility as a safe space where they can:

  • Participate in structured team-building activities
  • Workout with weights or on the treadmill
  • Enjoy a sense of security and belonging
  • Socialize with their peers
  • Enjoy healthy snacks and beverages

Help Our Youth Achieve More

You Can Help D.C. Youth Reach Their Full Potential — in the Ring and in Life